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Looking to buy a house in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria or any part of the country, check out these ones. We have landlords, estate agents and property developers advertising on Yokebay Properties.

These houses are built for family and business uses; in fact, some of them them are built for investment purpose.

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Duplex in Utako Abuja for Rent at Affordable Price

Posted 4M 14D 15hrs 44mins ago 247 Views Duplex and Townhouse

  • €2,527,258.29

2 Units of 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex in Opebi, Ikeja Lagos.

Posted 5M 15D 11hrs 27mins ago 278 Views Houses
Looking for a house to buy in Lagos, Nigeria, we have this newly built twin duplexes for sale in Opebi, Ikeja area for you at a give away price.
  • €46,934,796.74

4 Bedroom Semi-detached House in Utako Abuja for Sale

Posted 5M 27D 21hrs 21mins ago 745 Views Houses
A lovely 4 Bedroom Semi-detached House for sale in Utako Abuja for you. The property is fully serviced, partly furnished, alternated power supply 7pm – 8am.
  • €72,207,379.59

6 Bedroom House for sale in Maitama, Abuja

Posted 6M 8D 11hrs 6mins ago 296 Views Detached House

  • €397,140,587.77
  • €1,805,184.49
  • €1,805,184.49