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Affiliate Marketing: Top 10 Online Websites & Programs in Nigeria

Online affiliate marketing program has been proven to generate more income for bloggers. In fact, non bloggers too are benefiting from such program too. For this reason I will take you through the top online affiliate marketing websites and programs in Nigeria.

As some people will agree with me, making money online could not be more better. As a matter of fact, the main reason we all participate in affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria is to monetize our websites.

Although, many find it difficult to crack the basic principle of online affiliate marketing program; but, majority that have cracked it are reaping its benefits.

It will be nice to make cool cash. Or what do you think?


That is not a bad idea; after all, there is nothing better than making a steady online stream of income.

If you agree with me, making extra income off the internet is not a bad idea. Especially for Nigerians looking to make money through affiliate marketing programs; then, let’s get started.

Hey! wait a minute……

Do you need any technical skill to succeed in affiliate marketing?

No, but you may read more information about various online marketing strategies in Nigeria that works.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a performance based program designed to reward marketers (online or offline) for every single customer they refer to the business; of course, this is strictly based on the marketer’s main effort.

The idea behind it is to promote people’s products and services; and earn a commission. Simple!

Therefore, as an online affiliate marketer, your main aim is to promote as many products (or viable product) to earn great commission. By doing so, the owner of the program will rewards you with incentives. These incentives are based on sales or referrals.

For example, a program owner may decide to pay affiliate marketers a fixed commission based on referrals or sales. On the other hand, this commission may be a percentage of the amount received from the customer brought to the business.

With that said, I will like to touch base with the following:

How does an Affiliate Marketing Program work?

How Affiliate Marketing Works, How to become an Affiliate Marketer, Online Marketers

As shown above, the process is really simple.

Although, there may be different type of affiliate programs, they all follow the same process.

In the light of this, here is how an affiliate program works.

  • An intending affiliate marketer joins a program.
  • Login into the program dashboard.
  • In your affiliate dashboard, you will find different products to promote.
  • Pick appropriate code for the selected product(s) to start promoting it.
  • Next, track your performing.
  • Lastly, you receive your commission on any sales or referrals.

Remember, this is a typical affiliate marketing program process. One other thing you need to know is on payout. Some programs will pay her affiliates at the end of each month, while others pay when an affiliate reach a minimum payout amount. Remember, this minimum payout may be paid on a fixed date of the month; that is to say, the affiliate network payment cycle.

By and large, they all payout according to their terms and condition for the program. Once you reach the payout limit of your chosen affiliate network, you will be qualified for payment from the program initiator.

Another key point, all affiliate network program mentioned on this article are free; that is to say, no start-up cost is required of you.

Who is an Affiliate Marketer?

An affiliate marketer is someone or a company who market and sell other peoples’ products and services for a commission.

Therefore, any individual or business that sell other people’s products and services for a commission is referred to as an affiliate marketer.

In that case, an affiliate marketer is a local unit or representative of the business you are promoting; hence, you must abide by the affiliate network operating conditions.

Are you an individuals or corporate entity looking to learn the act of generating more income online? Then read more on how to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

Types of Affiliate Marketers

Uniquely, there are two main types of affiliate marketers that you need to know about. Although, the difference between them is not that much; but for the sake of clarity, I will go through both of them.

Here are the two types of affiliate marketers:

  • Product Centric Affiliate Marketers:

These are affiliate marketers that focus on marketing other companies product(s); specifically to sell that product or products to as many people as possible.

This type of affiliate marketing is good for marketers looking to promote product based products; with the ultimate aim of selling to many.

For example, affiliate marketers selling hair products for a particular company. Invariably, your focus is to sell many of this hair products; in order to receive good commission.


  • Content Centric Affiliate Marketers:

They are affiliate marketers that leverage on a system that they have built. Such system could be their personal website, blog or social media handles.

If you have a blog specifically built for product review; or the content of your blog focuses on promoting brands, then, you are better off as a content centric affiliate marketer.

Who is an Affiliate Program owner?

An affiliate program owner is an individual or business that set up an affiliate marketing program for the main purpose of recruiting marketers; this marketers main obligation is to promote and sell for the program owner.

Additionally, it is the affiliate program owner that set out the amount or percentages paid to every single participant in the program. In other words, the commission level of the program.

As a matter of fact, the owners can also be referred to as program initiators; for the simple reason that it got initiated by them.

Another key point, an affiliate marketing program owner can also be an the marketer.

For example, Amazon, the largest online retail store sell various products and services; some are theirs while some are not. On those that are not theirs, Amazon receive commission on helping product owners to sell.

On the other hand, Amazon also recruit online marketers through the Amazon Associate Program and Products. In the light of such example, a program initiator can also be the affiliate marketer.

List of Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs and Websites in Nigeria

It will be good to make money online through affiliate marketing programs; using your blog and social media platforms. As a matter of fact, this has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of making money online.

But the question often asked is – “which affiliate program is best for me in Nigeria”?

Truly, that is a difficult question to answer; but, this will really depend on some variables. These variables depends on your blog niche, social media followers, audience, etc. However, the answer to the above question is – “join affiliate programs in Nigeria.”

If you do not try, you cannot succeed as an online affiliate marketer

Here are the top affiliate websites and programs for your consideration.

Yokebay is one of the top property renting websites in Nigeria. Seen as one of the well structured affiliate marketing in Nigeria, the company payout thousands (on some occasions, millions) of Naira to her affiliate marketers each months. Known to be a leading property portal in the country, Yokebay pay her affiliates on a monthly cycle.

Yokebay affiliate marketing has been in existence for over 5 years now, and the company has definitely kept up with change in technology advancement; rewarding affiliate marketers accordingly.

About Yokebay Affiliate Marketing Program:

Who can join the program: The program is openned affiliate marketers looking to join the network.

Business industry, products on offer and services: Real Estate, Freelancing and Jobs.

What commission do affiliate marketers receive? 10% commission on all direct sales; and additional 5% of the two tier program.

When is the program paying out period? Affiliate marketers get paid on a monthly basis; as long as the participant gets to the minimum threshold amount.

What is the minimum payout amount? Yokebay has set the minimum payout to be ₦15,000.00.

Payout Method: Affiliates can receive their payment by Nigeria bank transfer, cheques and Paypal (foreign affiliates).

How much can you make on the program? An average affiliate marketer on the on the program receive 55,000.00.

Program Uniqueness: The program payout on time. Additionally, participants also make more through their two tier affiliate system (see bottom of page for more details). Another cool unique feature of the program is that you can auto-generate your affiliate link; from your member admin dashboard.

How to register on the program: Here is a link to join the program if you are interested.

Web4Africa is one of the best recommended web hosting and domain registration company in Nigeria. According to the information on their website, they have data centres presence in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa or Europe.

With their good reputation, affiliate marketers looking to market website hosting and domain registration should look in this direction.

Web4Africa, Web4Africa Affiliate Network Progran

Web4Africa affiliate network marketing program has been on for few years, with top affiliate marketing earning thousands of Naira each month.

About Web4Africa Affiliate Program:

Who can join the program: At the time of publishing this article, the network program is open to ONLY Web4Africa customers.

Business industry, products on offer and services: Domain registration, server and web hosting (including WordPress hosting).

What commission do affiliate marketers receive? 10% commission offered for each valid referral.

When is the program paying out period? Affiliate marketers get paid on a 90 days payout period.

What is the minimum payout amount? No minimum payout mentioned. You may request to withdraw your earning according to the program terms and condition.

Payout Method: Affiliates can receive their payment by transferred to their bank account; or use it as a credit with the company.

How much can you make on the program? Affiliate marketers accordingly; that is to say, the more referrals you send to Web4Africa, the more your earnings.

Program Uniqueness: The program has options for affiliates to use their payout as a credit towards future orders.

How to register on the program: Visit the company affiliate marketing page.

Travelstart is one of Africa’s online leading travel agency. The company operates from Cape Town, South Africa; and have offices across Africa and the Middle East. With Travelstart, you can promote cheap flight deals to your audience, and earn rewarding passive income.

Do you have blog? Or travel related contents? If you, Travelstart affiliate program is your best bet to join.

Earn Passive Income, Travelstart Affiliate Program in Nigeria

Travelstart offers great incentives to you as an affiliate for every single referral. With a good commission based program, you are sure to make money through the program.

Things you need to know about Affiliate Program:

Who can join the program: Open to online marketers to join.

Business industry, products on offer and services: Hospitality industry; that is to say, cheap flight tickets, hotel booking and holiday package deals.

What commission do affiliate marketers receive? A minimum of $2.00 (about ₦606.00 was listed on their commission structure). Your earning is based on CPA; that is to say, Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition. You can learn more on CPA with this video.

When is the program paying out period? Commission is made per successful booking.

What is the minimum payout amount? No minimum payout mentioned. $2.00 was seen as minimum on the website commission structure.

Payout Method: Affiliates can receive payment through electronic bank transfer.

How much can you make on the program? It all depend on you. Affiliate marketers can earn over $350.00 each month (depend on referrals and ticket destination sold).

Program Uniqueness: The program provide you with a market leading performance-advertising campaign system. Base commission and your CPA rate will increase automatically based on the volumes of sales; in other words, the more you sell for Travelstart, the better your commission rate.

Do you like selling gambling services? Or you will like to sell bookies products to Nigerians? If yes, Bet9ja is your best option.

Uniquely, Bet9ja is one of Nigeria bookmakers operating in the country’s ₦5 billion daily Betting industry. With a good reputation for payouts, Bet9ja web affiliate program.

Bet9ja Affiliates, Betting Affiliate Program in Nigeria

With Bet9ja web affiliate program, online marketers are permitted to advertise services and products available on Bet9ja website; although, there are certain terms and conditions attached to this.

Here are things you need to know about Bet9ja Web Affiliate Program:

Application Process: In the light of strict guidelines within the betting industry in Nigeria, affiliate marketers are manually approved after submission of application.

Who can join the program: Anyone with a website can join the web program.

Business industry, products on offer and services: Gambling and online betting.

What commission do affiliate marketers receive? 20% (twenty percent) commission is paid to you from the monthly net profit.

When is the program paying out period? Each month.

What is the minimum payout amount? No information on Naira minimum payour for Nigerians on their website at the time of publication; but, $500.00 is the minimum payout for Bet9ja international affiliates.

Payout Method: Affiliates receive their payment by electronic bank transfrer.

How much can you make on the program? Your earning will depend more on your promotion activities, acquired customers’ stakes and acquired customers‘ winnings.

Program Uniqueness: Commission received is high.

How to register on the program: All application process goes through Bet9ja web affiliate platform.

GLO affiliate program is a reward based marketing solution introduced by GLO for affiliate marketers; whereas, you promote and earn from each Glo product sold through your promotional efforts.

With Glo, you act as an agent to promote and sell mobile money in Nigeria.

Glo Affiliate Program, Glo Mobile Money

Not well know to Nigerians, but among Glo network subscribers. One downside to this program is that it has a setup cost; besides that, you will receive excellent commission for every sales transaction as an agent with Glo.

In brief, below are all you need to know relating to the Glo affiliate marketing program.

Application Process: Fill out application form on GLO website.

Who can join the program: Anyone with Glo network SIM card with a mobile handset.

Business industry, products on offer and services: Telecommunication and banking.

What commission do affiliate marketers receive? Minimum 20% (twenty percent) of commission earned.

When is the program paying out period? As agreed between agent and GLO.

What is the minimum payout amount? Same as above.

How much can you make on the program? Up to ₦50,000.00 and above.

Program Uniqueness: A unique way to make money with your mobile phone.

Requirements to be a Glo mobile money agent: You must have a GLO SIM card.

Jumia is a leading pan-African e-commerce platform that connect consumers and sellers. Launched in Lagos, Nigeria in 2012, Jumia has grown to to other five African countries; namely – Egypt, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Kenya and South Africa.

With hundred of thousand products available for sale, Jumia offer her affiliates variety of products to sell. As an affiliate marketer, you have options to promote Jumia products through the use of the following:

  • Text links;
  • Banners; and
  • Jumia feeds.

Here are few of what you need to know about Jumia affiliate program.

Application Process: Apply through Jumia website and get approved within 24 hours.

Who can join the program: Anyone can join in the program.

Business industry, products on offer and services: E-commerce.

What commission do affiliate marketers receive? This varies from products to products. But it can be up to 11% sometimes.

When is the program paying out period? As agreed between agent and GLO.

What is the minimum payout amount? No minimum specified.

How much can you make on the program? An affiliate marketer on Jumia program once claimed to have made up to ₦1,000,000.00 in a month.

Program Uniqueness: Variety of products to promote at your finger tip.

Requirements? No specific requirement specified.

Konga Associate Program, Yuboss

On May 1, 2018, Yudala bought Konga. As a result, the merger has made the Konga associate program stronger.

Konga, Nigeria’s online mall, and Yudala, Africa’s pioneer composite e-commerce company, have officially announced a merger of their operations effective May 1, 2018. Citation from

However, this merger will see both companies operate under the Konga brand name.

Like Jumia, Konga sell hundred of thousands of products; giving affiliate marketers a wider variety of items to promote. In addition, the company’s mode of operation is similar to that of Jumia.

What am I trying to say here?

Simple, I am pointing out to you that Konga also connect consumers with the sellers.

For that reason, you have a better chance of promoting different products from their e-commerce platform.

What is good about Konga associate program?

Comparatively, most of the e-commerce websites and programs you associate with has great similarities. In fact, they have similar modus operandi; that is to say, they similar method of doing somethings.

With this in mind, let me quickly run through the uniqueness of Konga associate program.

Here are the benefits of Konga affiliate program:

  • Program is free to join;
  • Uniquely, this associate program is powered by the leading affiliate tracking software. For you to track all your leads and sales.
  • You get paid for all confirmed purchases and item delivered to customer; however, payment to you is made to you on Friday of the second week of the next month.
  • In like manner, you receive your payment through electronic bank or wire transfer.

As can be seen, application process is simple.

In the hope that you have made up your mind to join, here is how to become Konga affiliate member.

  • Visit Konga Associate webpage;
  • Fill out the application form correctly;
  • Confirm your email address; and
  • Wait for your account to be activated.

That is it!

E-commerce Affiliate Marketing, Kara Nigeria Affiliate Program

Kara Nigeria is one of the leading e-commerce shopping portal in the country. In like manner, the company sell similar products like Jumia and Konga. Additionally, Kara connect sellers with consumers.

With Kara affiliate program, you can promote their products on your website and blog; at the same time, you may market their products through your social media accounts.

What a minute……

What is unique with the Kara associate program?

The following are benefits associated to Kara affiliate program:

  • Free to join;
  • Earn between 1-10% on all confirmed sales.
  • Unlike other associate schemes, you get full support from the program team.
  • Like others, payment is made through electronic bank or wire transfer.

In general, Kara application process is simple.


  • Visit Kara affiliate program webpage;
  • Create an account on it;
  • Confirm your details; and
  • Wait for your account to be activated.


Other Nigeria Affiliate Marketing Network Programs worth Mentioning

What is a Two Tier Affiliate Marketing Program?


Affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria is growing at a faster rate. In fact, online business owners and marketers are taking advantage of the benefit associated to such scheme; you too can.

As shown above, we have listed the best affiliate website in the country; with the benefits that comes with joining them for your consideration. Each one of them are unique in their own way, it will be left for you to choose the most appropriate partner to work with. 

All in all, I will recommend you start an affiliate marketing program; in order to increase your online earnings.

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